A Wedding at St. Timothy's

Though every wedding is different, the video to the left is a good example of a wedding ceremony with Holy Communion.  

If you are encouraged by what you see and would like to know more about having your wedding at St. Timothy's, scroll down to find out more about arranging a wedding here. 

Process for arranging a wedding

Step 1

Register your interest

We ask all people, church members and guests alike, to email the Church Office to inquire about a wedding.

Step 2

Complete and return form

Upon making contact, our Parish Administrator will send you a form requesting information about you and any already-made arrangements for the wedding (if any have been made).

Step 3

Pay deposit and set date

Upon receiving a completed wedding form, we ask you pay a deposit to secure the date requested.

Step 4

Marriage preparation meetings

Before the wedding, the couple will meet 3 times with the Officiant of the ceremony (in-person or online) for marriage preparation.

Step 5 


At least a day before the ceremony, the couple and wedding party will rehearse the service in the location of the ceremony (whether in church or another venue).

Step 6

The Wedding Day

While individual ceremonies may differ, typically we ask the groom/groomsmen to arrive at least 1 hour before the ceremony to assist with any final arrangements.